FAS Online Video Training

The following training videos on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome are produced by the Washington State Department of Social Services and is part of the Foster Parent Webcast Archive. Carolyn Hartness and Julie Gelo are outstanding presenters. This thorough overview of FAS and FAE and intervention strategies should be required viewing for all who care for or treat children or adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.

The Foster Parent Training Institute of the Division of Licensed Resources is pleased to have broadcast the following Webcast:

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)" and "Fetal Alcohol Related Conditions with Carolyn Harness and Julie Gelo.

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FAS Videos

The Little Fox, The Little Mask, Sees No Danger & Wanders Afar Travels in Circles

"Journey Through the Healing Circle" (series of videotapes, video CDs, and professionally illustrated workbooks)
"This award winning educational series, to help parents and children work with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, is now available to parents, schools, libraries, and other social services."

Video clips and transcripts are available at: DSHS Foster Parent Traning Institute / Washington State Department of Social & Health Services: http://www1.dshs.wa.gov/ca/Fosterparents/bookvid.asp

Worth the Trip, Fetal Alcohol Education Program

Boston, MA: Vida Health Communications 617-739-1424 (49 minutes)
"A path breaking video guide for parents of children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Worth the Trip is the first comprehensive video resource about the health, development and learning styles of children affected by fetal alcohol. The film presents strategies for meeting the developmental and behavioral challenges faced by children with FAS and the parents and professionals who care for them. Worth the Trip was funded with a Small Business Innovative Research Award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)."

STUDENTS LIKE ME: Teaching Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Boston, MA: Vida Health Communications. (39 minutes)
"This video is part of Vida's new FAS Multimedia Library. Students Like Me was created to help elementary and special educators understand what Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is and provide teaching methods to help children affected by fetal alcohol reach their full potential. Includes: How to recognize a child with FAS in the classroom; How to modify the class environment and adjust teaching methods; How to communicate clearly and plan transitions and unstructured time"

Full FAS Media Library

Vida Health Communications
Also available from them: FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment A Clinical Guide for Obstetric and Pediatric Providers 1 CD-ROM (Part of Vida's three-part FAS Multimedia Library)

What's wrong with my child?

Deerfield, Ill.: Coronet MTI Film and Video, 1990. (26 minutes)
[Coronet MTI Film and Video, 108 Wilmont Rd., Deerfield, IL 60015 800-621-2131]

One for my baby

Chatsworth, CA: AIMS Media, 1983. (28 minutes)
[AIMS Media, 9710 DeSoto Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311-4409 800-367-2467 FAX 816-341-6700]

Alcohol and pregnancy: Fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol effects

Chatsworth, CA: AIMS Media, 1992. (20 minutes)
[AIMS Media, 9710 DeSoto Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311-4409 800-367-2467 FAX 1-816-341-6700]

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Effect: Stories of Help and Hope

1993. (? minutes; listings for 25 as well as 45)
"Present a balanced view of the medical and social consequences of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Effect with this powerful video. Excellent for women in treatment, addiction professionals, and community education programs, the video is centered on the work being done with children affected by fetal alcohol and their families. It provides a factual definition of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Effect, explains how children are diagnosed and, most importantly, vividly illustrates the positive prognosis possible for fetal alcohol children. Medical and educational professionals, biological and adoptive parents and siblings, and the children themselves speak in this video about FAS." Hazeldon Educational Materials

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Fetal Alcohol Effect: A Community Perspective

(30 minutes)
"Discusses educational and behavioral aspects of FAS/E. Parent, professionals, and individuals with FAS/E discuss how to deal with the diagnosis. Appropriate for families and health care professionals."
Following information found via: http://depts.washington.edu/~fadu/Video.html
["FAS/FAE: A community Perspective, FAS/FAE: Teaching Strategies for the Classroom, FAS/E: Coping with Challenging Behavior (1993) A set of three videos exploring the unique challenges faced by families coping with FAS and how they manage to go on with life and find hope for the future. Includes content from alcohol researchers and families involved with FAS/FAE children and adults.
(Note: U.S. customers must pay by VISA or Mastercard) LCC Bookstore, Lethbridge Community College; Lethbridge, Alberta]

The Broken Cord: Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris.

In this program with Bill Moyers, authors Louise Erdrich and the late Michael Dorris explain how traditions of spirit and memory weave through the lives of many Native Americans and how alcoholism and despair have shattered so many other lives. The devastating effect of fetal alcohol syndrome on their adopted son and on the Native American community as a whole is also discussed. The issues discussed in the program are underscored by the tragedy of Dorris's untimely death. (30 minutes) Available as VHS and DVD. Closed Captioned.

The F.A.S. Series

1997. Evanston, IL: Perennial Education.
3 titles:
The Early Years
A Focus on Prevention
The School Years
"Children whose mothers drank during pregnancy often pay an extremely high price: a lifetime of physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral effects. This series explains the cause of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (F.A.S.) and Fetal Alcohol Effects (F.A.E.), how to care for the F.A.S./F.A.E. child and how to better meet the needs of children with F.A.S. or F.A.E."

What is FAS?

Evanston, IL: Altschul Group, 1990. (24 minutes)
[Altschul Group, 1560 Sherman Avenue, Suite 100, Evanston, IL 60201800-323-9084 or 800-232-3263]

David with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

(45 minutes)
Recommended by Booklist
David with FAS (1996) Kanata Productions, National Film Board of Canada & CBC
A 45-minute video about David Vandenbrink, a 21-year-old man with FAS whose condition went undiagnosed for 18 years.


Tucson, AZ: Fasstar Enterprises.
"A docudrama video about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome"
"This exciting video focuses on a professionally written play about alcohol's effects on a group of high school students, including a boy whose mother drank alcohol during pregnancy. This 35-minute video is perfect for presentation in the classroom and is enjoyable and educational viewing for adults as well as students of all ages."